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Status message

Hi there, CertifiedToRock is out of date and looking for people who will take over the site (by purchasing it). Interested in doing that? Let us know.

Turn it up - Rocking certifications

Big news for Certified To Rock! We've just published a new algorithm that has updated scores for the 6,000 rockstars already in the system, and added scores for around 18,000 more rockstars. We now have scores for over 24,000 rockstars! This is the first update to the scores and algorithm since our launch during DrupalCon San Francisco.

More metrics

This release includes a few new metrics, and changes to the algorithm, meaning scores are calculated differently than before. We believe this change has produced a better measurement of rockstardom.

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Certified to Rock is an answer to the question of certification for the Drupal community. Contact us with any private questions.