Hello Drupalcon: You are certified to rock

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Hi there, CertifiedToRock is out of date and looking for people who will take over the site (by purchasing it). Interested in doing that? Let us know.

If you're here at Drupalcon you have an account on drupal.org. If you have an account on drupal.org then you are certified to rock.

So, what is CertifiedToRock.com? We are a certification system based on some basic data about contributions to the Drupal project. We're not perfect, and we're not going to solve your problems. This also our launch so we may have some bugs. If the layout looks bad, "upgrade".

For some quick data, read more about:

About the site

This site has been my dream for a few years now. It took a while to actually build it and I'm really amazed. Ben Jeavons and I dreamed up the underlying infrastructure on a flight to Washington D.C. for a security conference. Since then he's been working on it in between our client work. Shortly after the system of resource,s metrics, and algorithms came into place we began working on a design. In the beginning Evelyn got us rolling on a variety of different styles. Since then Carl has been refining the look and interaction. We spent a lot of time working on a scalable resource collector and hookable metric system - we are pretty proud of the site right now but in part that's because we know that it is made for expansion and improvement. If you feel that a score for a user is lower than it should be relative to someone else, let us know about it and we'll do our best to make improvements to the algorithm so that it better reflects reality.

And now, here at Drupalcon San Francisco in 2010 we are launching the site. We will be upgrading the algorithm over the years and hope it will get more and more accurate. We also, of course, hope it will help to spur adoption of Drupal project and the growth of the Drupal community.

As always, Rock On!


I like the concept - and love the design, but without publishing the underlying algorithm, or at least some guidelines on how it works, it seems akin to using one of those "hotness" meters in a gas station bathroom.

I'm not a fan of certifications, but I'd take a certification with a published curriculum and noted trainers over something that is basically a black box of someone's opinions, wouldn't you?


Thanks for your feedback. It would be impossible for us to scale opinions, or giving people whatever score we want, to the amount of users on drupal.org. I encourage you to read http://certifiedtorock.com/about-certified-to-rock-for-drupal if you haven't but the underlying system of Certified to Rock uses publicly available information to distill a score.

Looks like it needs some work after all chx only scores a 5!!!

Congratulations guys - you've built a real-life geek-needle!

Of course we all want to know how these metrics are being handled, and I trust you will tell us soon enough. The key phrase that jumped out at me was "hookable metric system". (I assume this means Drupal hooks.) I'll be interested to see just how generic this is - could it become another one of Drupal's staple APIs along side Voting API, Flag etc.? It would be great to have views and feeds for various individual metrics.

Aside from the technical stuff, I see enormous potential for having some good-natured fun with this. Just how many crazy charts, widgets and badges can we come up with?

PS....I scored a 4, yay!

If you're here at Drupalcon you have an account on drupal.org. If you have an account on drupal.org then you are certified to rock.

Err.... no.

Because thousands of accounts haven't been processed yet.

We understand the need to stage things gradually, but it'd be nice if you wouldn't claim otherwise. Also, it'd be good if we could have a post saying how far along you are with processing other user accounts.

How long will it take to get ratings for the rest of the users on D.O? It's been two months and now shops like Lullabot are using your rating system as part of their hiring process.

I guess Lullabot would think twice about hiring chx with his lowly score of 5...

Certified to Rock is an answer to the question of certification for the Drupal community. Contact us with any private questions.